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The Stairway 0

The Stairway

If I tell you a story, you will not believe it. Not on my face at least. You will believe it in your heart. You know why? Because you know human emotion is absurd. … Read more

Paradox 0


Paradox  Abhi na jao chhod kar  Ki dil abhi bhara nahi  Abhi Abhi toh aai ho Bahar ban ke chhai ho…. Rafi was singing in my ears as I sat near my balcony and … Read more


Flight Part 3

After our return to Gulfaam Manzil, Aamir Sahab asked me to shift to his room. Something that did not go well in the eyes of other in-laws. And when they discovered I was taking … Read more


Flight Part 2

The only person in the whole house and probably the whole world who understood me was Fatima. Aamir Sahab’s thirteen year old. She not only supported me but was also in awe of me … Read more



I stopped in my tracks. I had never thought this would happen. I had never thought I would see that face again. I had never thought, the features that were engraved in my mind … Read more



Out of all things in the world, love has the worst timing. I never agreed. If love was to be my privilege, I would go against the damn time to make it mine. Humans … Read more


Love is a Privilege – Part 2

Life is unpredictable. Unfathomable. It ruins your plans and plan-Bs alike. It drowns you completely, leaving no trace. None of the back-ups work. In life, sometimes you’re just ‘out-there’! Just like I was. Having … Read more


Love is a Privilege

All my life, I tried understanding love. And then I wrote this verse. Mohabbat kya hai jaan ne k liye Ishq karna shart nahi Ye voh jazba hai Jo maujood ho kar Mehsoos toh … Read more


Starry Night

    Starry nights!   New city. New people. New job. New roommate! Everything around me was fresh and new. But I was the same old person with the same old routine. Nothing much … Read more