‘Nothing lasts forever, forever is a lie!’

But words do, don’t they?

Since the times immemorial, the best from to preserve anything is to pen it down. Of all the historical evidences, written ones are the most accurate and reliable. From Egyptian civilization to the account of Ibn Batuta about the Moughal period, the written account provides for the details which could never be known from any other source. Every scientific research, proven and preserved in science papers makes sure we never look back in our technological advancement. Not only history and science, we also preserve religion in the written form.

But do we need to go that far to justify the immortality of words? Look at your grandmother and ask her what she hides in that old jewellery box? It’s not some piece of jewellery, it’s the letters grandpa once wrote to her. Are they not making their love immortal?

‘Life is a stage’, Shakespeare once said, and his words are still alive with us. Wordsworth’s account of ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ in his famous poem ‘the daffodils’ can actually make you stop for a while and think of the beautiful times you’ve had in life.

Indeed, once you ink something, it stays for the aeons to come.

There are very few things in this universe that last forever. One such aspect is the human nature. The advent and downfall of human race has been based on human psychology. Love, hate, anger, fear, gratitude, jealousy and every other emotion that ever existed never saw its extinction. Our forefathers and ancestors felt all of these emotions, just like us. They loved. They hated. They made blunders. They were curious. They appreciated art. They had an aesthetic sense. They were jealous. They wanted to progress.

In short, human behaviour has not changed. Not even a bit.

InkedAeons attempts to pen down this human psyche with all its details. It attempts to observe the little things we often be indifferent to. It appreciates beauty of the ordinary. It believes in making routine interesting.

And so,

InkedAeons is an attempt to ink beauty of the human race with a hope that these words will last for the aeons to come..