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Moving On 0

Moving On

She sat at the edge of the wall outside the villa. It was rather a secluded place even though it was situated quite at the entrance. Or maybe it seemed secluded as no one … Read more


Women’s day gift…

It is women’s day trivia everywhere. Every man out there is pampering the women in his life to the best of his ability. He is cooking a meal for her, taking her out for … Read more


The See-Saw of Stability

All our life, we strive for stability. We sacrifice sleep and recreation for a better tomorrow. We sacrifice health to afford ample food. We sacrifice social life to make our families happy. We set … Read more


Being An Adult

  Being an adult is over-rated, or maybe the grass is always greener on the other side of the hedge.   As children, homework, discipline and the fact that we’ve to get early to … Read more


Be there. It matters….

Talk about depression; for some, a new hashtag; for some a horrendous battle. Depression is belittled in our country, and suicide is considered cowardly. However, the truth is so dark that everyone shows his … Read more


How I spent my Valentine’s…

As usual, I left home for college at 7 a.m. when I read my best friend’s text. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ it said. I checked the date, Oh! 14th February. I wished her back and … Read more


A Letter to My Mother…

Dear Mamma, It is not Mothers’ Day, it is not Women’s Day, and it is not even your birthday. It is not that I am shifting to another city for university and not even … Read more