Author’s note

Everyone in this world is running in the quest of something. However, the biggest battle one has to fight is the battle to be at peace with self. This peace, this harmony, this feeling of satisfaction is sought by all, attained by few.

How do we be at peace with ourselves? In one simple sentence, ‘Do what you love!’

Peace lies in home my dear

And home is where there is no fear

Yes, it is a place where at the end of the day

You can go and toss all the troubles away

No, it’s not made up of bricks and walls

It’s the feeling of pursuing passion against all odds

This is my idea of peace. Peace lies in pursuing your passion. And my passion is to write. Writing is something that brings out the best in me. ‘InkedAeons’ is an attempt to convey this best to everyone who likes reading beyond words.

‘Writing’, if you go to see is just a simple word. The dictionary defines is as, ‘the way you use written words to express your ideas or opinions’. But let me introduce it to you with a different perspective. ‘Beautifully stringing letters to form words and words to form sentences, so that each one who reads them can relate to them’. This is my definition of writing. Different people may have different definitions, however, the fact that writing won’t make sense if people cannot relate to it, will not change.

I am here with an attempt to make sense to people, to make them relate to what I write and most importantly to be at peace with myself, to find home in my passion..

My passion to write…