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Breathe in the Night 0

Breathe in the Night

The peace in my heart Resonates with my soul Touches every part Till it reaches my whole Like a Paradox I stare In this dark night Seeking glory Waiting for the light There is … Read more

Paradox 0


Paradox  Abhi na jao chhod kar  Ki dil abhi bhara nahi  Abhi Abhi toh aai ho Bahar ban ke chhai ho…. Rafi was singing in my ears as I sat near my balcony and … Read more

Pandem-mimicked 0


When I decided to major in Arts, my mother went bonkers! And when she came to know I was interested in psychology, she even mocked me saying, why choose arts if finally, you’ve to … Read more


Men and Women of the Earth!

There is enough word in print about the great battle between the two major genders of this world. There cannot be possibly anything that hasn’t been said about their varied differences, their quirks, their … Read more


Covid 19 Warriors

The dire situation of the world makes it imperative for me to talk about it. Especailly, since the pandemic arrived at the door step of my close ones, I have felt its presence to … Read more



My evenings in Europe were usually spent indoors. I was a man of a few words, and fewer indulgences. I hardly ever enjoyed the pub culture. The nightlife this world was so engrossed in, … Read more


Flight Part 3

After our return to Gulfaam Manzil, Aamir Sahab asked me to shift to his room. Something that did not go well in the eyes of other in-laws. And when they discovered I was taking … Read more


Flight Part 2

The only person in the whole house and probably the whole world who understood me was Fatima. Aamir Sahab’s thirteen year old. She not only supported me but was also in awe of me … Read more



Aamir Sahab married me when I was 17 and he, 33. The world had left its imprints on the moon, but the people in my family, my district and my society had not moved … Read more