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Throwback 2022 0

Throwback 2022

Just like any other new year, the plan is to write a throwback that I can revisit at the end of every year just to reminisce about the journey of my being. This year … Read more


To give or not to give..

Overpowered by the unsettling emotions, I was staring into the blackness of the night once again. I didn’t know if I was going to make it to the morning. This unsettling feeling, this restlessness. … Read more

The Stairway 0

The Stairway

If I tell you a story, you will not believe it. Not on my face at least. You will believe it in your heart. You know why? Because you know human emotion is absurd. … Read more

An Ode to Success 0

An Ode to Success

Midnight oils, miserable times Dreading Mondays, seeking weekend vibes Hustle, hustle, hustle Everyone sneers You have to be “successful” Just like your peers Look at her, look at him They have reached such heights … Read more

Moving On 0

Moving On

She sat at the edge of the wall outside the villa. It was rather a secluded place even though it was situated quite at the entrance. Or maybe it seemed secluded as no one … Read more

Breathe in the Night 0

Breathe in the Night

The peace in my heart Resonates with my soul Touches every part Till it reaches my whole Like a Paradox I stare In this dark night Seeking glory Waiting for the light There is … Read more