Loving the Mundane

He likes the smell of books. He refuses to digitise his reading. He plays the same video games that were once trending but have now slowly lost their popularity. He is in touch with all his schoolmates, high school buddies, and college fellows.

He still writes notes, brings flowers – not just for the love of his life, but as a gesture of gentleness and chivalry. He has never left anyone, just moved on when people did that to him.

He’s not very rich, no generational wealth. He’s not your usual poster boy. Yet people flock around him. He is the social glue keeping groups alive.

People often wonder what makes him the centre of love and affection? Why do most good people choose to remain in his life? He doesn’t lose anything when people abandon him, it is almost always – their loss.

I feel the reason is very simple. He loves the mundane. He relentlessly does so many things that people easily get bored of. He calls people to his place and cooks for them. He takes care of the electricals in the house, he is the guy who would fix your computers and shelves alike. He is the 3 am friend who will show up even if no one else does. If you ever fell in a gutter, he would actually go inside it to save you without thinking how gooey and dirty he would become.

He makes everything seem easy. Effortless. As if all the things that he does for others don’t cost him anything! As if being there for others in thick and thin is the norm of the world.

In this world where people lose interest so often, you don’t find someone like him.

Someone so loyal to his principles, morals, way of life, choices, video games, handwritten notes, flowers and of course – people! You seldom find such innocence in the smile and truth in the eyes.

He is rare. He is dependable. Predictable. It makes it easy for so many to take him for granted. He does weed out the selfish ones. Kind of balanced that way.

However, the ones who value him, easily overlook his flaws. They reciprocate. They don’t take advantage of him. Most importantly, they always stick around – while he never gets tired of the kindness and the goodness.

As ironic as it may sound, every day can feel like an adventure if you are around someone who loves the mundane!

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