An Ode to Success

Midnight oils, miserable times

Dreading Mondays, seeking weekend vibes

Hustle, hustle, hustle

Everyone sneers

You have to be “successful”

Just like your peers

Look at her, look at him

They have reached such heights

Compare, despair – where your fate lies?

These thoughts overpower

Peace goes out to wander.

Stop. Behold. Take a breath.

The word success – how do you define?

It is simple, and repeated

Only in books, so to say

Because in reality

The riches make you sway

Fact is that – wealth is temporary

If you don’t believe it today

You’ll do it in poverty

The rich will then not know how

To turn their life around

Only those who know true success

Will snatch it back from the tempest

In your life, if you always try

If you don’t give up

If you always strive

If you are better today

From what you were yesterday

If you put a smile

Where tears threat to stay

If for the love of another

Your quest takes a stop

If you can detour

To save a life

If you think twice

Before you step on a foe

If you close your eyes

And affirm that you are happy

Despite the presence

Or lack of money

And people and fame

If you find peace

In your own name

Then my dear

Success is yours

Not a thing you desire

But a thing to admire

Sitting on your dinner table

Like a dear old friend

Success shuns the seeker

A doer, it befriends….

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