My Gotham Needs a Batman!

It has been a while since I updated my blog. Many of my lovely readers have been asking for updates and I have the same answer to give, “I am unable to write”!


Because on this page, I have only talked about love and life. About bonds and relationships. About joy and sorrow. And I did not want to break the chain. I wanted to put stories, I wanted to talk about the beauty of affection, the depths of despair and how to rise after every fall.

But today, I give up. I give up on waiting for a story to arrive in my head where love wins, where loyalty wins, where the people are kind, where they change, where they understand. I am sad. I am so so so saddened by this world; my world, that I can no longer write like a dreamer.

This world has pulled me out of my dreams and hit me hard on my face with so many realities that I have aged decades in a few months!

My faith in humanity is critically ill, it has no room even in the intensive care, its ventilator is shutting down and it has no hope of living again.

Ever since this year has started, the history textbooks have come alive. We are seemingly a part of some apocalyptic Hollywood movie, struggling to live. And it is happening world-wide!

I am really not interested in repeating the heart shattering global events of this year. In fact I am exhausted. I am mentally tired with the news. I do not want a repeat telecast of the events. I do not want to tarnish my feelings with my individual opinions as I write about the gruesome nature of humanity! I do not want to comment on the right and wrong and I want to urge the human kind to do the same.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Mother earth is telling us to be ashamed of ourselves.

Because, we are selfish.

We are at war. We are at war and our weapons are greed and inhumanity and injustice. We want to conquer the world with these weapons but what we do not realise is, they only cause destruction. We have forgotten that love and empathy and kindness are the weapons that can rule the world in real sense and until we do not use them, we will reach nowhere.

If you play with fire, you can never be too sure if it would not burn down your own house.

But here we are, playing with fire every day, very sure that this fire would protect us from the Hell of God whose religion we are trying to save. We are fighting with humans just like ourselves, who have the same body systems, same feelings, similar people they love; over differences we have created among ourselves!

The caste systems, the religious disparities, the borders, the ethnicities, the socio-economic statuses are all making us destroy our own mother!

We are mother-fuckers!

Yes all of us! We humans are mother-fuckers! Because we fuck our motherland. Our mother earth. Every day! We ruin the forests and do not give a shit about climate change. We pollute the environment so that we can afford the big bills of respiratory diseases. We cry that we have no resources, but we hoard them and prevent our own neighbours from having them. We call each other mother-fuckers and we talk about fucking the mothers of people we do not like; without even thinking what it makes us when we say that!

And then.

We blame each other.

We divide ourselves further and further. Clan within a clan.

And think that the destruction is caused by “the others”.

We are so naïve? Hell no!

We just want to free our conscience with all the guilt. We like to think that we aren’t a part of this. But all of us are! We ALL are!

Even if we are silent spectators of injustice, we do not know when and how in small little forms our quiet tongues have ignited fires!

We have brought ourselves to this point. We have forgotten that if we have to go fast, we can go alone but if we want to go far, we have to go together!

We have failed each other. We have surpassed the evils of the City of Gotham. It was fiction, indeed. But doesn’t fiction stem from realities?

Not a single institute, big or small, is devoid of evils. Even in a group of three, two friends get together to bitch about the third one. Where is tolerance? Loyalty? Space? Kindness? Love?

Why is everything so political? Why don’t we ask our conscience before judging a situation? Why don’t we take a decision on the basis of facts and morals instead of going with what our clan decides?

Why don’t we have the guts to tell our superiors and our near and dear ones that they are wrong when they are? Why do we defend ideologies instead of the truth?

Why do we think of our own safety instead of the safety of the society as a whole? Why, even in the time of crisis, where everyone is at equal risk of being in the catastrophe, can’t we think as HUMANS first?

Why are we still concerned about our own ideas, our own health, our own fun, our own clan instead of being a world citizen?

There is no Batman! No one is going to come and save us. He is a figment of someone’s imagination. Someone who was too affected by the prevailing injustice and chaos and wanted to do something about it. Someone like me. Someone like you.

We have to be the Batman! We have to be kind enough and responsible enough and make this world a better place. We have to ask ourselves if we have done our bit. We have to ask ourselves if our greed is taking away someone’s need. We have to be our own check-point. We have to stop fucking our mom! We have to stop blaming and take up the responsibility of this world. None of us are right here! We are all work in progress! But will we realise?

Will we save our Gotham?

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