Home Coming…


Nothing forms poetry as well as the rains do. Poets and writers have written infinite verses and pieces on rain. So many that no one can claim to have read them all. Since the times immemorial, rains have been provided with their due importance. In life and in love. They signify love, pain, romance, need, melancholy, mood and an infinitely long list of emotions.


In the modern world, the rains are a boomerang of joy, a live video of ecstasy, a filter to hide pain, and a whole new status update!


In spite of everything said and done, in spite of every word of praise and appreciation, the rains have something so commendable that it never loses its glory.

And that is, the exclusiveness of its meaning.


Every individual perceives rains differently. Their perception gives it the aesthetic reverence it has gained over the years. The social and ecological importance stands tall, above any philosophical explanation till date. But Almighty did not create us to ramble upon facts all the time, did he? We are all emotional beings and the rains carry highest amount of emotional potential.

Since each one of us understands this phenomenon differently, I would want to speak for myself.


To me, the rains mean home coming…..


The Earth and Sky are home to each other. They are this universe’s most underrated love story. They spend all year sulking, trying to forget, and when that does not happen, they try meeting, uniting. They apparently meet at the horizon. But the horizon is just not enough. They appear so near but the moment they stretch their arms to embrace each other, they realise how very far they are.
All winter, they quietly gazed at each other. Unaware, what to do? Why were they created in a manner that they could never come together? The Earth became cold, it froze. The Sky lost its warmth. So close, so far. The pain surged to its peak. But do they have any other choice?

And then, the pain broke the maximum threshold of tolerance. The Sky could take it no more! Call him the weaker one. Who cares? It’s okay to be weakened by love.

He spent entire summer persuading the Earth, that she must muster courage and meet him. She was, however, firm in her denial.

The warmth of his love melted the Earth in places, her resolution evaporated and formed the Clouds.

The Clouds, a union of the Earth and the Sky. What could be better? A piece of them both, floating in the air! They both were overwhelmed. So full of joy that it was difficult to hold on.

And then, the Sky realised that it was only a few parts of the Earth that he had sought. He wanted more. He wanted whole. And so, the Clouds decided to let go…

Reuniting the Earth and the Sky in the real sense, letting them communicate.

The Earth accepted his love with immense pleasure. Her smell attracting the attention of all her habitants. She blossomed. Letting everyone grow with her, on her. She embraced colours. Green being the Sky’s favourite! And they continued to communicate till the sky was deprived of her parts all over again…..

Theirs is a bitter sweet story. Just like the story of each one of us. It has pain, parting and suffering. But it also has love, longing and home coming…..

After all, we all want to run to our homes, don’t we?


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