Love will rise to power!

Poets are funny.

Their metaphors and personifications irrational.

They go beyond facts, beyond logic, beyond the laws of nature.

Yet, poetry is a celebrated form of art. Poets are revered, maybe even understood.


Because they describe human emotions as they are. Irrational, illogical, notwithstanding the rules and laws of nature. 


Desire, ecstasy, loathing, faith, reverence, grief, envy and the source of all these emotions, LOVE!

Yes, you’ve heard it right! Love is not one of the emotions; it is the seedbed of every other emotion that exists. Every other feeling is a mere expression of love. Even loathing, for hate is just lack of love for one thing due to immense love for another. Even greed, for it is the love for power or possessions. And so, love stands tall, justifying every action of the human kind.


Love is that driving force, that unknown, unseen energy which is the reason behind the existence of this world. And as the law of conservation of energy states, it only changes form; it can neither be created, nor be destroyed. 


And this is where enters the complexity of the human mind. It fails to settle for one thing. It fails to determine and distinguish the right and wrong. It does not realise, that if every individual directs this power in one direction, selflessly, it is bound to work wonders. But if each one of us, insists upon selfish motives, the energy would break into a billion pieces leading us into chaos.


And then, the energy of each individual is not worth more than an isolated drop. Insignificant, likely to lose form, dissipate…


However, the solitary drop, when mingled with many others, is still capable to form an ocean, deep and resilient.


Today, when the love of power, the love of possessions, the love of individual God, the love of victory, the love of safety, the love of self and no one else, has led to war, bloodshed, distrust and hatred; we must be glad to know that, the power of love is uniting its true recipients.

In the midst of confusion, crime and threat, we still have people who will give up everything to protect one another, who will love beyond self. Their love, extending to families, societies, communities, nations and lastly, the entire human kind. Yes, their love maybe on different levels, but they are trying to ascend the ladder and will eventually reach upon the greatest level. In the process, they would recruit as many people as possible into this quest of uniting the fragments of this energy, the drops that will form the ocean…


Hope does not die, till the day people keep connecting over love. Surely, they will continue to do so, for a power THIS strong cannot be abandoned…


And one day, love will again rise to power!



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