How do we define freedom?

Is it being able to soar high? Is it being able to choose your own way? Is it being able to live in peace? Is it being able to wear what you like without being judged?

What is it?

It is all of this. It is none of this.

It is an Antithesis. A Paradox. Everything it shouldn’t be.

Freedom is that little thing which gets neglected in the battle of what should have been, what could have been and the ugly truth.

Every person who claims to be a free bird does not realize that birds can be caged too.

Every person who says that I am the master of my own will has had to bend down at some point of life due to unfavorable circumstances.

Every person who is able to assert his wishes with confidence cannot say that he could always have his way. Not even if he has always been right.

We all have spent our childhood learning about the patriots who achieved freedom. We all have been performing skits conveying women’s right to live, learn and earn. We have now, started campaigns to attain freedom of choice for aspiring students! So many instances, so many efforts!

Ask yourself, is this what is freedom is all about?

Well, somewhere it is. But there is more to it.

Freedom is not a constant.

It is a variable. It is intermittent. It is temporary.

And it is better off this way.

What is the importance of health, if you never fall sick? What is the meaning of success, if you’ve never failed? What is the value of freedom if there are no restrictions?

How will you gather the courage to stand up to someone if nobody ever wronged you? How will you know what is right for you unless someone or something tried to push you on the other side? How will you keep a check on yourself if you lived a life of zero restrictions?

Our elders, our teachers, our problems, our society, our ethics, our morals, our faith and our own rules and regulations might restrict our freedom. But they are the reason why freedom has its essence.

Freedom when achieved by proving an idea wrong or redefining a certain set beliefs or fighting back the evil or standing up for self, is a freedom worth cherishing.

All these hurdles are stepping-stones. All these restrictions are tests. All the inner voices are checkpoints. They are the reason we grow into beautiful trees. They prevent us from becoming weeds…



Freedom is a want

A need in fact

Freedom is a word

That stays abstract

Freedom is a feeling

That does not justify its name

For if sold free

It loses its fame!

Earn it my friend,

And you’ll know its worth

For freedom my friend,

Is the most beautiful thing on this earth!




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