A Tad Bit of Recklessness!

It is 3 a.m. and my thoughts don’t seem to settle…

I’ve been rambling inside my head, mumbling a few things when it got too much to take in silently.


This 3 a.m. rant is nothing but a sign of a rebellion. I am tired of living like a well-bred, well-trained circus animal. It seems I’ve already missed a lot, and now I want to live…


Life hasn’t been a smooth ride. It never is, for anyone. However, on this bumpy journey, we all have two stable options. The first one says, crib and cry all the time. The second one says, enjoy each moment before it goes away.


I tend to fall into the category, which is no category at all. I may not crib, but I’ve definitely missed many chances to become a happier person.


The other day I just stood thinking…


Should I jump?


I was deciding, taking way too long. When I was busy weighing the pros and cons of jumping, a kid just came running up there, pushed me a bit and without any second thoughts, just jumped into the pool. And I stood like an idiot on the diving board!


I wondered what did I lack? Why I, an adult, with more swimming experience, could not do what a young kid easily could?


I realised I lacked that pinch of recklessness. I realised that I was too busy being the ideal person that I have forgotten that I am human. I have my flaws and they are not going to go away even if I try being perfect! Then why not let it loose sometimes? Why not let it go once in a while and just live?


I feel envious of the reckless people out there. As if they have nothing to lose. They talk loud, laugh louder! They wear comfy clothes, they drive above speed limits. They do all they wish for!


This thug life isn’t what I am exactly looking for. But I do want to undo the restrictions I’ve put on myself in the attempt to be extremely careful and perfect. I am done with being right! I want to do what feels right. I want to fill my life with little things!


I want to dance in the rain without thinking about my clothes or catching cold. I want to switch off my phone and sleep all weekend. I want to have more chocolates even if it means getting fat. I want the haircut my favourite celebrity has even if it looks indecent at work! I want to go on a vacation all by myself. I want to draw and paint again!


But for all of this, I need to give myself the space to be a little reckless. I need to allow myself to act first and think later at least once in a while. I need more of these 3 a.m. rants. I need to pour out more!


And trust me, it is not just me! It is me, you and everybody running this stupid rat race! We all tend to have forgotten to take rest and have some refreshments on the go. We’ve all spent our lives criticising recklessness. We’ve taken a lot of pain to feed it into our heads that we ought to behave in a certain way and now all said and done, our heart isn’t satisfied. It wants to rebel. It wants to get rid of the bondage, the clutches, even the strings!


And trust me there is no harm in that!

In fact it is beautiful to let go what has been holding you back since a very long time….


Yes, you may land up at the wrong destination, catering to the fact that you’ve not analysed everything and just jumped in. But maybe it is not about the destination, it is about the journey…


You’ll be happy throughout the journey if you’ve done what you always wanted to do!


All you need is a tad bit of recklessness!!



Eyes shining brighter

Heart beating louder

Dodging the rules

Neglecting regulations

Once in a while

Instead of jogging

Just stroll lazily

Once in a while

Have a stronger coffee

Once in a while

Smile without reason

Once in a while 

Just let it go….


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