The Heart and The Mind

You are sitting in front of your TV set changing channels monotonously. Just then an interesting conversation catches your eye. Apparently, the character’s mind and heart have decided to take human forms; have stepped out of his body and are having this conversation…


Mind (rolling his eyes): Okay now, tomorrow we have to go to a wedding party.

NO LOOKING AT GIRLS! You get that? Every time you look at a girl and fall for her, you end up in trauma and all the other organs have to face the consequences.


Heart: Gibberish! What you talk doesn’t make any sense to me. Have you not heard Wordsworth? A thing of beauty is a joy forever, he says it so clearly in his Daffodils.


Mind: Look at Daffodils then! NOT PRETTY GIRLS!


Heart (with a chuckle): As you say!


Mind: And don’t eat too much, weight loss is a short term goal.


Heart: But eating a lot has nothing to do with losing weight, you need to exercise for that!


Mind: As if you grant enough motivation for THAT! Huh!


Heart (pulling the Mind into a hug): Awwee!!! Baby! Why do you get so angry? We’ll exercise daily! Promise!


Mind (shrugging away): Who taught you this kind of a language? Are you out of your mind?


Heart: Well literally speaking, yeah! Hahahahah!!!! (Rolls on the floor laughing).

You smirk a bit over the irrationality of the entire concept. However, you have watched the entire conversation because something did catch your eye. A little battle starts inside you too and you spend hours reflecting over petty issues as well as important ones.

Since the times immemorial, the battle between the mind and heart has been a topic of interest. However, the geek inside me refuses to believe the basic idea behind it. ‘Thinking’ is an attribute assigned only to the nerve cells; heart’s chief function is to pump blood. Even though the basis of this whole battle is a myth; the battle itself continues to be a reality.

This real fight takes place within the head itself. I would not go into the anatomical and physiological details of these varied systems; the gist is that whatever takes place is the content of mind. However, let us assume that mind and heart are different entities; mind being the practical and rational thinker and the heart relying on instincts and emotions.

Consider the probability of a certain situation, the mind would call it a hypothesis, whereas the heart would term it as imagination. The mind would look out for definite possibilities while the heart would skip the test of rationality.

The biggest question, however, still remains unsolved. How to choose between the heart and the mind? How to decide between instincts and facts? How to make the correct decision? How to win this battle?

The truth is, there is no solution to this problem. In fact, this problem is the solution to every other problem that exists in this universe.

It is this battle between the instinct and the facts, the dilemma between the right thing and the amount of willingness to do it and the ability to compare and then decide is the ability of the human mind that distinguishes its race to be at the pinnacle of evolution. We have been provided with the ability of reason and perception which is why we face conflicts and are made to make a choice. In the end, our choices reflect on our life. It is all relative and varies from situation to situation. What matters is who we allow to win in which situation; the mind or the heart?


You never think enough

The mind said to the heart

And you think too much

Replied the heart

And they argued for millenniums

However, their unison

Continued to create art!




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