The Realist And The Dreamer

Dreamers v. Realists

Classification is one of the easiest ways to understand anything that exists in this universe. Even the objects of universe have been classified into stars, planets, comets and asteroids. Scientists have spent years classifying elements so that they could be studied and remembered. Mathematicians have evolved Venn diagrams so that sets and sub sets can be studied. In fact, we have not let anything remain untouched by this process of classification. Not even people.

Classification of people is based on caste, creed, region, religion, race and even nationality. It is even based on their nature and personalities. We have heard of optimists, pessimists, opportunists and idealists. But, if we have to divide the human population into two sects, the most feasible classification would be dividing them into realists and dreamers.

Realists and dreamers are found everywhere, helping each other. So that when one falls, the other is there to hold him. When one moves too much to the extreme, the other brings him back to the centre. Both of them are equally needed for the universe to work in harmony. Maybe this is how universe maintains its balance.

And so, talking about who is better is pointless. They both are the protagonists on this stage called life. However, it is immensely essential to introduce these leading characters.

Who is a Realist?

A Realist is someone who understands and accepts the situation as it comes to him. He knows that certain things cannot be changed. If the wind is not in his favour, there is no use cribbing about it. He would rather set sail and end up where the wind leads him. A Realist is a proof that humans possess the property of adaptation. Acceptance is the key for a Realist.

How do we define a Dreamer?

A Dreamer is someone who believes in his instincts. He works on his intuition and has a vision that helps him look beyond the facts and figures which are in front of him. A Dreamer believes that ‘impossible’ tries to say ‘I am possible’. He is the driving force behind every invention that seemed too unrealistic to begin with.

When characters are introduced, the fable is on its way…

Once upon a time, a Realist and a Dreamer were walking past a forest. They stopped at an old man’s hut to have a sip of water. The old man found the two friends trustworthy and hence told them about a treasure that lay in the heart of the forest. Once they left the old man’s hut, the Dreamer wanted to go on the quest of the treasure. However, the Realist was of the opinion that such a quest is nothing but a suicide. The Dreamer was adamant hence the Realist half-heartedly accompanied his friend on this ‘unrealistic’ mission.

On their way, the Dreamer was busy working on the clues old man had given them. He was too engrossed to feel hungry or sleepy. However, the Realist collected fruits, flints and pointed stones (to use them as weapons) from time to time. After the sunset, when the Dreamer felt the hunger overpower him, he was glad that the Realist had gathered some food.

Days passed and the Dreamer enthusiastically kept on looking for the treasure. The Realist made sure they had enough equipment to battle hunger, thirst and wild animals. Finally, one morning, their quest came to an end, the treasure was in front of them. They became rich and lived in prosperity all their life.

The moral of the story: Without the Dreamer commencement of a new quest is difficult and in absence of the Realist survival is impossible.

The best part about dividing human population into dreamers and realists is that, this classification doesn’t really divide them. In fact, it only brings them closer. Dreamers and realists do not kill each other for being different, they hide each other’s flaws and help each other grow. They influence each other so much so that every dreamer hides a bit of realist inside him and every realist has tried to become a dreamer at least once. It’s this healthy battle that goes on inside everyone which keeps us going, which helps us learn.

This quote from ‘Modern Family’ rightly sums up these two different personalities in one single sentence,

“You see, the dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun. And the realists; well without the dreamers, they might not even get off the ground.”








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