New Beginnings


Have you ever had the privilege of witnessing a sunrise? The hues of the sky when the dawn breaks, the violet turning into orange and then finally into bright yellow. The sun literally rising from the lap of the mountains or the base of the horizon, trying to prove that the earth is definitely round. You may not be good with shades, but everyone has enough aesthetic sense to appreciate the beauty of the rising sun.

‘The darkest hour is before the dawn’, I don’t know how many people on this earth are standing in darkness in the hope of a sunrise. But what happens after that? You stare at the sun, you see it rising. Its beauty casts a spell over you. By the time the spell is broken and you realise that darkness is gone finally, you’ve been staring too much in the eye of the most magnificent star. When you look away, there is darkness again as you really can’t see anything for a while.

This is just how you describe new beginnings. You begin a certain thing, by the time you actually come out of the happiness of starting something new, it strikes you that the responsibility is way bigger than you’d thought. You had become so glad witnessing the darkness go away that you didn’t even realise that now there is too much light to handle.

Beginnings were easier when we were kids. We all cried in the first week of our playgroup. All that new routine, new environment, it makes you nervous, anxious and scared. You actually feel like crying and calling your mother to help you! But you could cry only in the playgroup. Junior college was a similar experience if you go to see, and you really did want to cry but you did not. WHY? Because image! :p

As we grow up, beginning new things becomes difficult. You really want to start a lot of things, but then you analyse it first, then over-analyse it and then make the biggest mistake of your life. You ask a hundred people, listen to five hundred advices (assuming five per head), get confused totally and end up dropping the very idea. I am not saying analysing and asking for advice is wrong, but letting that intuition, that inner gut feeling which led you there go away, really is. Yes, it is fine if you ask a hundred people before starting a new project, but the final decision should be made by you and you alone. You are the captain of your ship, and only you should sail it.

I recently read a story, the story of a man who started at the age of sixty five and became a brand owner of the well-known fried chicken. Indeed, there is no age limit for starting a new venture. You can begin anytime, and be successful. You just need to have faith on your talent and the rest works on its own.

All those who want to start something, all those who are afraid to do so, all those who are confused whether they should or should not, I’d say only one thing to them, ‘go for it!’ Because, if you don’t start how will you reach the end? Initiative is a big thing. If Jyotiba Phule had not taken the initiative, Indian girls would have remained deprived of education till date. If Wright Brothers had given in to people’s views we wouldn’t be flying to places today. Remember one thing: It happens only if you do it.

‘Well begun is half done!’ Yes, I agree. But even if your beginning isn’t perfect, don’t be disheartened. Every zenith is far at the base camp, but the view at the top is mesmerizing. Don’t be scared of failures. The light bulb was invented at the 100th attempt. Not reaching your goal is not failure, failure is not trying. If you begin, if you try, if you believe in it, it is then bound to happen. You just have to go for it!

If you have dreams in your eyes

Then surely somewhere success lies

For that you have to begin anew

And face many difficulties too

But if you not let your strength give away

Every day would become your day!

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